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Nex Flow Blind Hole Cleaning System

The Blind Hole Cleaning System was developed for the purpose of improving safety and minimizing or eliminating a mess. It is designed so that the hole is completely covered to address safety issues while compressed air is blown into the hole through specially designed nozzles.  


In this way, all the material in the deep, blind hole ends up in an attached, removable collection bag. No material is blown around the part or facility allowing for a cleaner, and safer, cleaning operation.  The improved design is more powerful, more user friendly, more rugged and ideal for use in the most difficult of applications.

Nex Flow Fume And Dust Extractor

The Fume and Dust Extraction System consists of the Adjustable Air Amplifier, with a specially designed 2” loc-line hose, which draws in a large volume and is ideal to draw in dust and fumes into the system.

The amplifier is mounted onto a magnetic base that easily attaches to a metal working table to secure the unit. A hose can be clamped onto the outlet of the amplifier to take the fumes and dust  into a container or out to another area.

Nex Flow Drum Angel

The Reversible Drum Angel/ Drum Pump is a maintenance free system to recover spilled liquids, coolant, sludge, tramp oil, wastewater and other liquids using only compressed air. The compressed air system attaches easily to any closed head of a drum (30 or 55 US gallon, or 45 Imperial gallon or 205 litre drum).


The reversible feature allows you to fill or empty the drum in under two minutes with the simple turn of a knob. Using no electricity, the Angel unit, which is connected to the small hole on the top of a closed metal drum, creates  pressure, rather than a vacuum, inside to push out the liquid.

Nex Flow Ring Vac™ Air Operated Conveyor Systems

The Ring Vac Air Conveyor is available in both Anodized Aluminum, Heavy Duty Hard Anodized, or All Stainless Steel. Simply clamp a standard hose size to each end of the Ring-Vac™ to create this high energy conveying system. There are no moving parts which lend to maintenance free operation while capacity and flow are controlled with a pressure regulator.

Nex Flow X-Stream™ Hand Vac

The X-Stream™ Hand Vac is the low-cost solution to a variety of industrial housekeeping applications. It is a blow gun, a vacuum gun, a collection system, and a transfer system in one simple package. It is lightweight die-cast aluminum and uses less air than a normal blow gun.


It draws a vacuum at one end to produce a high vacuum for collection or transfer of materials. It is easily converted from a blow gun into a vacuum gun and back again. . In vacuum mode, it can be used to vacuum up debris, and debris can be collected in an available reusable vacuum bag.

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