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Nex Flow Pulse Air Flow Saver Units

The KTW Air Flow Saver system incorporates new “patented”real-time valve technology. Because of fast response, the units can operate at higher frequencies (up to 40 hz) and address faster line speeds. It also has a secondary setting to turn on and off to ONLY operate when the blow off is required. This high response time not only increases the pulsing “force” for better blow off and/or cleaning action but also allows for immediate on and off control when the product is “not there” and blow off is not required. This can realize energy savings of well over 50%.

Nex Flow Compact Sound Meter

The Digital Sound Level Meter can help identify high levels of sound to protect workers and monitor noise levels to ensure they do not exceed the limited standards shown in OSHA standard 29 CFR – 1910.95 (a) which limits an 8 hour exposure of constant noise to 90 dBA. 


The Digital Sound Level Meter is accurate and measures and displays the sound level on a large LCD display.


The PLCFC is a prepackaged plug and play sensing system that turns on the air supply when needed, and off when not needed, thereby conserving energy. 


It is designed especially for all types of blow off applications.  It is preset to “sense” when the unit should turn on to allow air flow and then, after the product passes, to turn off after two seconds.  It can be re-programmed as necessary.

Nex Flow Ultrasonic Leak Detectors

The Ultrasonic Leak Detector incorporates these important features.  It has a very narrow frequency range to identify a true air leak and not a mouse running. 


This is especially important in hard to get to areas and to be certain that the identified leak is really a leak.

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