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Nex Flow Electronic Temperature Control

The Electronic Thermostat ELC (Electronic Control Digital Thermostat) is a way for precise control of one or two Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ panel coolers when you want to cycle them on and off to conserve compressed air.

Nex Flow Pneumatic Water and Oil Separator

The “Liquid Super Separator” is a new concept of a pneumatic mist remover without a filter element. The “Element Free Pneumatic Water Separator” uses a special centrifugal technique with uniquely designed “radial multi-nozzles” that creates extra spinning action as the compressed air passes through the unit.  As the compressed air spins, any suspended water and oil and particulate falls to the bottom of the separator.

Nex Flow Rigid Flex Hose

The unique RIGID FLEX Hose is an all stainless steel hose that does not break after a few bends like rubber hoses with simple copper inserts. It is resistant to creep and crimping. Its  all stainless construction allows for use in any difficult environment.


The product consists of the flexible but rigid internal stainless hose and is covered in an additional stainless cover to provide it with strength to withstand high pressure.  The connections at each end are welded to create a solid, high quality system.

Nex Flow Swivels

High quality stainless steel swivel fittings for air nozzles, air jets, small air knives, and air amplifiers allow for a 25 degree movement from the center axis (50 degree total movement) to aim then secure in position the blow-off application.  A lock ring sets the swivel once aimed in the desired direction.  If the direction needs to be changed it can be easily readjusted.

Nex Flow Regulators

Pressure regulators are used to set the minimum compressed air pressure required for any device to function properly.   In many cases companies will install blow off products like air knives, amplifiers, etc. without a regulator allowing whatever pressure is in the air line to operate the blow off product.

Nex Flow Filters With Auto Drain

All products used for blow off, cooling, moving, and cooling – whether it is nozzles, air amplifiers, air operated conveyors, vortex tubes,  panel coolers, tool coolers, etc. – require clean compressed air. So it is important to use filters to remove water and oil from the compressed air lines prior to entering the product.  Filters are installed upstream from the particular product.

Nex Flow Manual Valves

Manual shutoff valves are offered as an option to turn air supply on an off to any of the Nex Flow™ products.  They are simply two-way, manual brass shut-off valves. 


They are a useful accessory to the Drum Angel and is a standard part with the Fume Extractor.  Sizes are ¼” or 1/8” female to fe,ale NPT connections.

Nex Flow Mechanical Thermostat And Solenoid Valve Kit

This kit comes complete with a solenoid valve, thermostat, and a resistor. The resistor is included should you encounter rapid temperature fluctuations in the control panel causing the solenoid to cycle on and off too quickly (chattering). The resistor is installed (if needed) across the leads of the thermostat and prevents chattering by dampening the thermo-switch sensitivity.

Nex Flow Mounting System

Mounting Systems for air knives and amplifiers provide a convenient and flexible way to utilize the products for blow-off and cooling applications. All Mounting Systems are made of powder coated steel. One knob controls the infinite flexibility of the system and secures it in place after the air knife or amplifier is properly positioned. An optional magnetic base can secure it to a magnet accepting platform.

Nex Flow Magnetic Base

The Magnetic Base is used where the air operated product is required to be fixed but can also be frequently moved around. The extra strong Magnet allows for flexible Mounting, whether vertical or horizontal.

Nex Flow Reclassifier Mufflers

Reclassifying Mufflers provide excellent noise reduction – as much as 35 dBA – and more so than sintered mufflers. In addition, they are used to eliminate oil mist. The exhaust air from valves and cylinders may contain oil mist that can have a negative effect on the health of employees. 0SHA standard 29 CFR 1910.10 limits the cumulative exposure to oil mist to 4.32 parts per million (PPM) in any given eight hour work period.

Nex Flow Temperature Sensing Labels

 The High Temperature Warning Sticker provides a more easy,reliable, and low cost qualitative monitoring of the temperature inside of electrical and electronic control panels.  Since high temperature inside a control panel can be damaging to internal equipment and lead to unplanned shutdown of factory operations, the label provides for an effective warning with a color change indicator to ORANGE and a danger warning with  a color change indicator to RED.

Nex Flow Expel Filter

The Expel compressed air filter will dramatically improve compressed air systems throughout the industry. The unique patented design allows it to efficiently remove 99.9999% of liquid, oil, and water. It also removes other contaminants down to 1 micron when installed at point of use.

Nex Flow AVG MAG-Drain

The AVG MAG-Drain is one type of zero leak auto drain.   It removes condensate from compressed air filters and is offered as an option to the EXPEL Filter. The operation is automatic and there is no compressed air lost during the condensate discharge cycle.

The AVG MAG-Drain uses magnetic forces to operate the direct acting valve assembly and is ideally suited in applications where power is not available, too expensive, or not reliable.

Nex Flow Shim

Shim kits are available for Air Edgers, Air Knives, Air Amplifiers, and Air Wipes.   They maintain the gaps in air knives, flat jet nozzles, air amplifiers, and air wipes.  Some companies use plastic shims which wear out quickly, especially if there is any moisture and dirt in the air lines, causing irregular flow and downtime in replacement.

Nex Flow Bypass System for Panel Coolers

The FRIGID-X™ PANEL COOLER BYPASS SYSTEM accomplishes both tasks. It is easily installed across the solenoid valve to allow for the bypass of some air flow.


A control valve on the bypass sets the level of flow desired for the particular control panel where it is utilized. So both a constant purge is maintained and the level of purging air can be set to an optimum level depending on the size of the control panel.

Nex Flow Hot And Cold End Muffler

he Cold End Muffler reduces the exhaust noise up to 10 dBA and is a standard part of special vortex tube packages such as the Tool Cooler, Adjustable Spot Cooler and Mini Cooler systems.

The hot end of a vortex tube also exhausts hot air which gives exhaust noise. Sound reduction would be in the range of 3 dBA.

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