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KELVA is the world’s leading supplier of web and sheet cleaning solutions for the treatment and converting of material such as paper, corrugated board, fabric, non-woven, film or glass, removing smallest particles, dust, fibers and other foreign matter without affecting the production processes.

Contamination of a running web by particles, dust, fibers or other foreign matter can have a wide variety of causes and impairs production quality, customer satisfaction, employee health and safety. Complaints, increased maintenance and downtime are the result, thereby reducing productivity and increasing costs.

KELVA offers tailor-made solutions for contact and non-contact web cleaning through a worldwide network of distributors. Each customer project is closely monitored from development to handover. Since all solutions are based on modular standards, short delivery times and a fair price framework can be maintained. The development and production facilities are located in Switzerland and Sweden.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products please drop us an email with the appropriate details for a quotation. We are also happy to answer any inquiries that you have.

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