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Discover our innovative projects aimed at improving the world. At Min Shang, we are committed to making a positive impact through our work. Explore our project page and see how we are transforming the industry in the best way possible.

Green Well Disinfectant Spray Project

Back in 2018, when COVID-19 struck the entire globe, we were approached by an organisation for a partnership to help design a disinfecting spray system using our electrostatic compressed air guns. The spray that we designed was to help disinfect surfaces at the highest efficiency due to the electrostatic aspect of our spray gun. The image show below is the prototype spray gun system that we used for the testings





The spray gun system consisted of a running mini air compresser, an electrostatic spray gun and a tank consisting of the disinfecting liquid.


The system was tested in various locations such as classrooms, hotel rooms, corridors, surfaces of vehicles and also corridors. After the various successful test runs, the system was modified to be used in larger areas such as complexes and theatres. 

Spray gun
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