KELVA Disposable Synthetic Filter Bag

The new synthetic filter bags replaces the regular paper filters for KELVA FF-Units K-30, K-55 and K-75. Tests carried out indicate 50% higher efficiency compared to regular paper filters. These filters should eb used with support filter bags. Filters can be disposed by incinerating. Filter should be replaced after 3 - 4 weeks in operation.

KELVA Support Bag

The KELVA Support Bag is used to reinforce the synthetic filter bag and it is washable.

KELVA Barrier Mat 7

Barrier Mat 7 is a self-adhesive mat of bitumen with filler. The product is flexible and easily formed.

KELVA Tecnocell SA

Tecnocell SA is a sound absorbing material of foamed polyurethane with open cells.The product is based on Acusticell SA but its surface is embossed and treated for extra ordinary acoustically properties.


The material can be bent and is self-adhesive. It also can be combined with a mat for structure-borne sound damping and airborne sound insulation.