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Nex Flow Ion Air Blowers

Remove Static Charge Over Wide Area if Compressed Air is not Available

Nex Flow Ion Air Knives

The Ion Air Knives are useful for most applications including ones involving very high static charges and extremely high speeds. Both ionizers produce a powerful force.

Nex Flow Ion Blaster Beam™

The Ion Blaster Beam™ neutralizes static electricity and can remove static charge on a statically charged part and blow off dust up to 15 feet (4.6 m) away with no moving parts. Its compact design allows it to be used in hard to reach areas or confined spaces.


The air volume and velocity are infinitely adjustable over a wide range using a pressure regulator to address any application from light to heavy duty.

Nex Flow Static Control Power Supplies

Haug Power Supplies are:

1. Repairable – parts are replaceable

2. Several versions – units available with four outlets, two outlets, with or without function monitoring, and in 220V and 110V versions

3. Patent Safety X-2000 Connection – prevents accidental shocks when connecting or disconnecting a static eliminator to the power supply

4. High Reliability and Life – so reliable that we even offer a two year warranty on the power supplies

Nex Flow Static Eliminator Bars

The static eliminator bars reliably removes electrostatic charges and its construction satisfies all technical requirements and it has proven its value repeatedly in the removal of electrostatic charges during roll, sheet, and web (continuous product) processing. Production interfering surface charges can be removed reliably and effectively, even at high operating speeds.

Nex Flow Ionizing Air Gun

This product is based on the neutralization of “spot charges” by means of bipolar ions.

The head of the device is enclosed by a sheet material shield, which serves both as mechanical protection and a counter-electrode.


Due to the special shape of this shield, bypass channels are created, which assist an efficient six-channel blowing nozzle by stabilizing the airflow. The airflow can be adjusted exactly in accordance to the application – particularly useful for the treatment of small pieces. A power pack provides the required voltage.

Nex Flow Static Meters

The Static Meter electrofield meter is a small hand-held field strength meter with a digital display for measuring electrostatic charges in Volts. It perfectly combines easy operation with an accurate measuring technique.

Nex Flow Point Spot Ionizer

The One Point Ionizer (OPI), which was developed for the neutralization of the smallest of parts, emits positive and negative ions to reliably neutralize spot charges.

Perfectly suited for mounting in tight spaces, the plug of the electrode must simply be connected to the high voltage transformer (power pack) and the unit is ready to be set into operation without tools.

The OPI has proven its value repeatedly in daily use, e.g. in the medical industry. It can also be equipped with compressed air as with the (Mini-Jet Ionizer).

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